quinta-feira, novembro 05, 2015

Acerca do trabalho em Mongo

"The post-industrial era is too complicated to boil down into a single slogan describing work, but three scenarios seem to be emerging: (1) processes are automatized and robotized, leading to an algorithmic economy, (2) generic work is found through platforms, or turned into tasks circling the world, leading to a platform economy, and (3) context-specific value creation takes place in interaction between interdependent people, leading to an entrepreneurial economy.
I believe that the future of human work is situated. Even after the captains are automated, the pilots may still be human beings. Even after the surgeons are robots, the nurses may still human beings.
It is not about employees becoming contractors. It is about generic, mass-solutions becoming contextual and about interchangeable people who are now, perhaps for the first time, seen as unique. The case for networked small units, such as human beings working together in responsive interaction, is stronger than ever.
What is most desperately needed is a deeper understanding of the complexity of life."
Trechos retirados de "The post-industrial economies"

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