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Tecto de vidro? Uma hipótese de explicação (parte XV)

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"Whereas 41% of the U.S. respondents agreed that the role of the customer is well defined, only 17% of their European counterparts agreed with that statement.
More than 41% of the respondents agreed that their company takes any customer willing to pay. When the results were segmented by industry, it was surprising to discover that in relationship-intensive industries such as business-to-business companies, the number jumped to 52%. These figures represent a lack of basic selection of customers who are suitable and capable of appreciating the company’s proposed experience. Lack of basic customer selection leads to relationships with the wrong customers - those who will later become unprofitable. Many companies suffer from an inability to select customers who appreciate the value proposition and are willing to pay premium prices for it. The result is wasted resources applied to customers who are inherently unsuitable to be in a relationship with your company. This approach represents a strong product rather than customer focus, an attitude of “if they know how to spell our name and have a budget, they are a target customer.
 Serving unsuitable customers means fewer resources, hence less satisfaction to the qualified customers."
E na sua empresa, como é a selecção de clientes? Como é a selecção de mercados?

Trechos retirados de "Passionate and profitable : why customer strategies fail and ten steps to do them right" de Lior Arussy.

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