domingo, outubro 19, 2014

"Too Much Beige"

O mesmo sr. Karikomi daqui e aqui, que citei na passada quinta-feira numa empresa, obrigava os seus colaboradores a mudar a disposição e localização das secretárias de trabalho do open space, para que nos habituássemos a ver o mundo de forma diferente.
Foi dele que me lembrei ao ler "Productivity Is The Enemy of Creativity":
"Too Much Beige
Everyday you go to the same place to work, in the same environment. You see the same people and you are surrounded by the same sensory inputs (beige). And you usually have to solve the same, or similar, problem over and over again. Your company makes most of its money selling the latest version, of the same product, to the same set of customers. Yet when those same things don’t bring in the same results, you’re expected to come up with new ideas. How are you supposed to come up with new “creative” ideas when you see the same people, in the same buildings, after driving the same route to work, sitting at the same desk, or in the same generic conference rooms? Our brains don’t work that way.
So how do you fix it? Break your patterns. It’s that easy, and anyone can do it (some easier than others). The simplest way to do this is to change the environment. Go to a different location."

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