sábado, maio 24, 2014

O uso do BSC em PMEs

"formalized a model where five different stages of decline are described. (1) In a blinded stage, a company is unable “to recognize internal or external changes that may threaten its long-term survival”. (2) In a stage of inaction, a company can see clear signs of downturn but they do not make any reconstructive actions. (3) In a faulty action stage, a company acts but actions are too small or incorrect. (4) In a crisis stage, a company can not manage its obligatory payments. (5) In the last stage, company can appeal to legal reorganization process or go bankrupt. Aim of the legal reorganization is to return a company’s financial health."
Ao ler isto, lembrei-me logo disto "Banco de Portugal vai criar alertas para empresas em risco de falir"
"Aim of the study is to deepen the use of the BSC concept in the small companies’ reorganization process."
Foi assim que comecei a usar o BSC em PMEs, em empresas à beira do precipício.

Trechos retirados de "Balanced Scorecard as a Tool for Small Business Reorganization" de M. Hakola.

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