domingo, março 23, 2014

Um número interessante

"The strength of exports is puzzling, given that Portugal has clawed back only some of the competitiveness it lost in the first decade of the euro. One reason may be that the economy is benefiting belatedly from pain in the early 2000s, when Asian competition hurt former mainstays of the industrial economy like textiles. Adjusting to such a shock takes time as new ventures provide fresh sources of growth. An encouraging sign is that firms set up after 2000 contributed a quarter of exports in 2012, according to the Bank of Portugal."
Trecho retirado de "Final call"
BTW, este artigo "Could Portugal be the next Germany?" está cheio de treta ao querer justificar o desempenho da economia com base nos CUT... pois, é ver o caso do calçado, do têxtil, do mobiliário, é mesmo por causa dos custos do trabalho
"But with labour costs now dropping, Schulz thinks Portugal will be competing increasingly with eastern European countries, with labour costs approaching those of the Czech Republic: “The crisis has widened the difference with core Europe again and narrowed it with the east.”"

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