sexta-feira, março 29, 2013

Slaughtering the hog of the 20th Century

"Yes, we burned it up. No one is historically innocent. Yes, we are carnivores at this barbecue. Yes it died, we roasted it and we ate it. And the saving grace here is that we eat what we kill. Go on, eat it. Don’t pretend to be the child bride in white lace who thinks that babies are found under the cabbages. You’re not that young. You’re 26 years old. You’re going to be slaughtering the hog of the 20th Century, roasting it over a bonfire. Live up to it, come on. To kill it and pretend that it was some kind of accident, that is shameful."
Trecho retirado de “Disrupters don’t just play and experiment. They kill

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