domingo, setembro 13, 2009

The Laws of Simplicity de John Maeda

"Feeling safe (by avoiding desperation), feeling confident (by mastering the basics), and feeling instinctive (by conditioning through repetition) all satisfy rational needs. Inspiration from others serves a higher goal that, at least for me, is the true
reward. The practice of education is the highest form of intellectual philanthropy."
"It’s hard to imagine someone so masterful still being a student in his 70s, but in Asia there are many examples of this continuous cycle of learning. In the martial art of Karate, for instance, the symbol of pride for a black belt is to wear it long enough such that the die fades to white as to symbolize returning to the beginner state." (Moi ici: Espectacular, aprender, aprender, aprender sempre)
"There is an important tradeo½ between being completely lost in the unknown and completely found in the familiar. Too familiar can have the positive aspect of making complete sense, which to some can seem boring; too unknown can have the negative connotations of danger, which to some can seem a thrill. Thus there is a tradeo½ between being found versus lost:"

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