quinta-feira, dezembro 21, 2017

Cuidado com o preço-baixo

"Don’t price too low  The second wrong mistake dooms many businesses in the cradle. Professional pricers believe there are three and only three overarching strategies: skim, neutral and penetration.
Skimming does just want the name implies; it skims the cream off the top. Apple has created near $1 trillion in market capital by using mostly skim pricing. Neutral is also fairly self-explanatory – pricing in the middle of the pack, neither too high, nor too low. Penetration pricing refers to attempting to penetrate a current market by undercutting incumbents with a lower price. The problem is once your organization gets tagged as the low-price challenger, it is especially difficult to overcome that moniker.
To overcome these many companies have used what used to be called a loss-leader. Today, we call it Freemium. To gain a foothold, products are introduced with a low or even free price with the ability to us."
Como não recordar aquela frase: não há nenhuma lei que impeça a existência de concorrentes estúpidos. Ou seja, não é ilegal ser estúpido.

 Trechos retirados de "Top three pricing mistakes to avoid"

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