quarta-feira, fevereiro 01, 2017

Curiosidade do dia

"Os que querem resistir à transformação escondendo-se nas trincheiras das conquistas irreversíveis e dos proteccionismos desistem da História. A evolução das tecnologias e das economias implica que é na escala das redes empresariais globais que se decide a competitividade e o potencial de crescimento económico. Os que procuram na miragem do passado a água cristalina que lhes tire a sede ficam com a boca cheia de areia seca quando acaba a ilusão."
Trecho que faz uma boa ligação com o capítulo 15 "System hacking: a great idea with a bad reputation" de "The Great Fragmentation : why the future of business is small" de Steve Sammartino.
"Just as we had industrial culture, we’re now entering a phase of digital hacker culture. The tools we live with, around and inside of, such as the smartphone, computers, digital networks, the internet knowledge bank — the internet operating system, if you will — all open us up to a world of hacking systems, a world in which we can embark upon redesigning how things are done to suit ourselves. The tools that everyone has access to are the same ones being used to hack old, outdated industrial systems. They create new possibilities where if the industry itself does not reconfigure to suit the new world, it will be done for them.
An industry is a system that has been designed by the players of that industry. If there’s weakness in the system, the system will be hacked. The design, by definition, has to be for the maximisation of profits. It’s always been about benefiting the players within it. All systems change over time. Their structure is modified and the architecture renewed. We’re currently going through a radical
redesign of the industry system. It’s during these times that getting hacked has its highest probability. And we can add to that fact that others from outside the industry are most likely to be the ones doing the hacking.
Trecho inicial retirado de "A areia no fim da miragem"

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