terça-feira, janeiro 17, 2017

"you’re much more persistent when you’re confident in your abilities"

Mais um trecho de Pre-suasion:
"Alan told me that just prior to taking any standardized exam, he’d spend systematic time “getting psyched up” for it.
He didn’t take up the minutes before the exam room doors opened as I always had: notes in hand, trying to cram every piece of information I was unsteady about into my brain. He knew, he said, that focusing on material that was still vexing him would only elevate his anxieties. Instead, he spent that crucial time consciously calming his fears and simultaneously building his confidence by reviewing his past academic successes and enumerating his genuine strengths. Much of his test-taking prowess, he was convinced, stemmed from the resultant combination of diminished fear and bolstered confidence: “You can’t think straight when you’re scared,” he reminded me, “plus, you’re much more  persistent when you’re confident in your abilities.”"
Como não relacionar este último sublinhado com "The Stretch Goal Paradox" ou com as empresas e empresários que se refugiam no papel de coitadinhos e aspiram a protecção da parte do Estado contra os maus que andam a seduzir os clientes a que elas têm direito. Quanto mais barulho menos autoconfiança nas suas capacidades.

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