sábado, janeiro 07, 2017

Curiosidade do dia

"of all the bad things that happened to people in hospitals, the one that most preoccupied Redelmeier was clinical misjudgment. Doctors and nurses were human, too. They sometimes failed to see that the information patients offered them was unreliable—for instance, patients often said that they were feeling better, and might indeed believe themselves to be improving, when they had experienced no real change in their condition. Doctors tended to pay attention mainly to what they were asked to pay attention to, and to miss some bigger picture. [Moi ici: Recordar Pre-suasion e a importância desmesurada daquilo a que se chama a atenção] They sometimes failed to notice what they were not directly assigned to notice."

Trecho retirado de "Michael Lewis’ The Undoing Project: How do ER surgeons avoid dumb, deadly mistakes? Ask their doctor."

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