segunda-feira, junho 13, 2016

Interacção e co-criação de valor

"Contemporary markets are increasingly interconnected, with actors no longer seen as part of linear value chains but existing in networks of service systems where interaction, collaboration and experience sharing take place. In such markets, traditional boundaries between the roles of “customer” and “provider” are losing clarity, highlighted by the emergence of concepts such as prosumers and post-consumers. Customers are not satisfied with the limited role of a buyer, receiver and user of a firm’s offering at the end of the value chain, but proactively engage in crafting the offering according to their personal needs and wants, and seek to also engage other stakeholders (such as other consumers, communities, firms or government organisations) in the service system to contribute their resources towards common aims."

Em sintonia com o ponto 4 e os exemplos de "Tantas lições para quem quer criar uma comunidade"

Trechos retirados de "Customer Engagement Behaviours and Value Co-creation" de Matthew Alexander & Elina Jaakkola

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