sábado, maio 31, 2014

O recurso mais escasso para as PMEs

Em sintonia com o que se escreve por aqui há vários anos, o tempo é o recurso mais escasso das organizações.
E ainda é mais escasso para as PMEs, daí a atenção a estes conselhos:
"Honor deadlines from the top down. Project management is worthless if the CEO disrespects deadlines. Make missing deadlines unacceptable at every level. Promote your best time-managers, and make the consequences of missing deadlines clear.
Ruthlessly cut projects until only critical ones remain. When a company tries to do too much with too few resources, projects inevitably end up late, mediocre, or unfinished.
Be transparent about a project’s status. In midsize companies, core projects affect every department since the business isn’t big. Leaders must keep team members informed about advances and setbacks, including missed deadlines, to assess the project’s overall progress."
Trecho retirado de "Time Is a Midsize Company’s Most Valuable Resource"

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