quinta-feira, março 21, 2013

Perigosa propaganda liberal que quer promover a precariedade

"He’s excited by IBM’s practice of “endeavor-based work.” This is yet another new concept that we haven’t learned how to train people for. It means that you do not perform a single, specialized task and are not called upon over and over to perform one specialized kind of function. More and more people at IBM don’t even have job descriptions in the conventional sense anymore. Instead, they contribute certain kinds of talents or even dispositions as needed to a project and stay on that team as long as they contribute to its success. He’s confident that people know when the time comes to move on to the next project.
endeavor-based organization doesn’t depend on the amount of time you spend in the office or on the project, but on how you contribute to the success of the team, how do the usual statistical ways of measuring individual performance pertain? It’s actually quite simple. Hamilton notes that “we are measured against business results, against each other’s contribution, one’s team contribution, one’s credibility, and the deliverables (performed work).”
“Endeavor-based organization is a little like the movie industry,” Hamilton says. You work hard together to make the movie, each contributing some aspect—whether it is acting or doing stunts or creating special effects or getting the financing together. When the film’s in the can, you then go on to the next job. But you don’t all go on to the same next job. The team disassembles, but everyone has learned who performed best at what, so for a future task, you know whom to call. Endeavor-based organization is structurally different from forms of work ultimately grounded in an assembly-line organizational model, with each person always contributing in the same specialized way to the same team to make the same product. In endeavor-based organization, hierarchy must be lax and shifting. In one endeavor, someone who has official company experience or status might be the most expert and therefore be appointed the team leader. An hour later, as the workflow changes, that same person may sink back into the position of being a learner. Hierarchy isn’t the guiding principle so much as trust is: depending on one another’s capacities to work together."
Claro que isto é perigosa propaganda liberal que quer promover a precariedade do trabalho. Bom, bom, é trabalhar num cubículo ao lado do Dilbert ou emular o trabalho das máquinas repetitivas, dia após dia, ano após ano, mesmo que os consumidores já não queiram aquilo que produzimos.
Trecho retirado de "Now You See It - how the brain science of attention will transform the way we live, work and learn" de Cathy N. Davidson.

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