sábado, setembro 08, 2007

O avesso do politicamente correcto

Por causa deste postal, publicado por José Medeiros Ferreira no blog "Bicho carpinteiro", acerca do leite e desse sorvedouro que é a Política Agricola Comum, recomendo a leitura deste blog kickAAS.

E apreciar esta realidade das antípodas, geográfica e mentalmente:

"Farming without subsidies?Some lessons from New Zealand"

"Output and net incomes for the New Zealand dairy industry are higher now than before subsidies ended--and the cost of milk production is among the lowest in the world."

"New Zealand agriculture is profitable without subsidies, and that means more people staying in the business. Alone among developed countries of the world, New Zealand has virtually the same percentage of its population employed in agriculture today as it did 30 years ago, and the same number of people living in rural areas as it did in 1920. Although the transition to an unsubsidized farm economy wasn’t easy, memories of the adjustment period are fading fast and today there are few critics to be found of the country’s bold move. "

Relatos deste paradigma aqui.

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