domingo, outubro 23, 2016

"Learn more about your most loyal customers"

"Learn more about your most loyal customers. Most companies work hard to determine the root causes of customer dissatisfaction. But it’s equally important to determine the sources of customer delight. If customers are happy because of product quality, what do they cite as evidence? If their delight stems mostly from their buying experience, what was it about the process that most impressed them? Converting feelings into action requires knowing exactly what you did to earn their loyalty, so you can replicate the action and extend it.
Tune your offerings to meet their needs. Getting to know your most loyal customers will likely reveal both strengths and weaknesses in your product line. It may show you that competitors are offering something that you aren’t. It may uncover customers’ unmet needs—which they can’t quite articulate. Ideally, your offerings should be so attractive to your loyalists that they have no reason to look elsewhere for additional products or services."
Trechos retirados de "Make It Easier for Happy Customers to Buy More"

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