segunda-feira, novembro 25, 2019

Imaginação e criatividade em vez de planeamento

Strategy is not planning. Strategic design is about setting the organisation’s future direction and goals. It involves two significant creative steps:
  1. reperceiving the future business environment
  2. reconceiving the organisation’s role within these different futures.
Strategising is about perception and conception. It requires imagination, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurialism.
Planning, on the other hand, is about doing and getting things done. It’s about operations and implementation. Planning requires a different set of attributes: attention to detail, adherence to process and budgetary constraints. Planning is about operating within the broader context of the directional strategy; it is downstream from strategising.

Planning is about programming, not discovering. Planning is for technocrats, not dreamers. Giving planners responsibility for creating strategy is like asking a bricklayer to create Michelangelo’s Pieta.
And this distinction between planning and strategic design is crucial. It sets the tone for how, and by whom, strategy is developed. In the absence of such a distinction, strategic processes and participants continue to be misaligned with purpose, with the output simply reinforcing the dour stereotype of strategy and strategists.”
Quando escrevo sobre a tríade e os crentes no eficientismo, escrevo sobre os Muggles que não percebem a magia da criatividade e só acreditam nos custos.

Trechos retirados de “Rethinking Strategy” de Steve Tighe.

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