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Ainda e sempre: Volume is vanity; profit is sanity

Em Agosto de 2014 comecei a associar a metáfora "plancton" à reacção dos consumidores às marcas dos gigantes. Por exemplo aqui, "Porque não somos plankton (parte II)".

Os consumidores, ao deixarem de ser a massa típica do século XX, e ao converterem-se em membros de tribos aguerridas, começaram a abandonar os frutos da suckiness dos gigantes.

Interessante este resultado:
"The maker of CoverGirl cosmetics, Clairol hair dye and OPI nail polish is abandoning a revival plan centered on adding businesses and offering new products. The new strategy is to shrink, pay down debt and undo a failed makeover of one of its biggest brands.
The makeup and fragrance seller, controlled by European investment firm JAB Holding Co., has floundered since acquiring dozens of beauty brands from Procter & Gamble Co. in 2016. Coty stock has lost half its value since the deal, and the company this year took $4 billion in writedowns on the P&G business as it struggled to digest the brands and as drugstore staples such as CoverGirl and MaxFactor fell out of favor.
“We didn’t execute well because we tried to do too many things at one time,”
the challenge of absorbing the P&G businesses and an industry shift away from mass-market beauty brands such as CoverGirl overwhelmed the company. Coty tried to remake CoverGirl. It eschewed television ads in favor of hipper socialmedia influencers and sped up product development.[Moi ici: Tenho um postal em redacção sobre o regresso do analógico]"
Os trechos acima foram retirados de "Beauty Giant Coty Tries On a Smaller Size".

Se lerem o artigo vão encontrar uma empresa à la século XX a gerir um negócio onde o essencial é o intangível.
"“They’ve been on a mission to become one of the world’s biggest beauty companies and the way they put the portfolio together was not very thoughtful or carefully curated,” Ms. Bolton Weiser said. “New management have to take a fresh look at everything.”" 
Estavam preocupados a jogar um jogo finito: ganhar quota de mercado a todo o custo:
"The P&G deal was supposed to provide stability. In pitching the transaction to investors, Coty executives said it would create a beauty behemoth overnight that was capable of challenging industry giants Estée Lauder Co s. and L’Oréal SA in makeup, fragrances and hair care. They highlighted two of the hair-care businesses now up for sale, Clairol and Wella, as especially promising." 
Ontem de manhã, ao iniciar a leitura de "The Infinite Game" de Simon Sinek, sublinhei:
"To offer growth as a cause, growth for its own sake, is like eating just to get fat. It pushes executives to consider strategies that demonstrate growth with little to no consideration of any sense of purpose for that growth. Just like it would affect a human being, it should come as no surprise that the organizations that eat to get fat will eventually suffer from health problems. Growth as a cause often results in an unhealthy culture, one in which short-termism and selfishness reign supreme, while trust and cooperation suffer. Growth is a result, not a Cause. It’s an output, not a reason for being."
E volto a 2006 e aquele ditado:
"Volume is vanity; profit is sanity."

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Worry about beeing better, bigger will take care of itself.

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