terça-feira, outubro 08, 2019

Demografia, moda e o futuro do retalho

Usar o Japão como o canário amarelo que vai à frente, que tem de fazer o papel de pioneiro e experimentar. "Look don't buy: Japan reinvents the department store":
"One of Japan's big department store operators is reinventing its business model by converting prime real estate in its stores into showrooms where customers look but don't buy.
That is only half of the rethink. While Marui Group's shoppers are invited in to have their measurements taken, to test digital equipment or to trade anime collectibles, they are also hit up about applying for credit cards.
[Moi ici: O impacte da demografia] According to a family income and expenditure survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, consumer spending on fashion has declined 40% over the past 20 years.
Most of Japan's department stores have come to depend on foreign tourists to make up for sales being lost to internet shopping sites, or for sales that are evaporating altogether as Japan's birthrate declines and its population grays."

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