domingo, fevereiro 03, 2019

"what makes them good strategists"

"In the weeks and months that followed, the senior management team and I made a number of major decisions about the company’s future. As a team, I observed, we were busy doing things and making changes, all of which made sense to us as managers. But as time progressed, I returned to these questions, over and over: How well do we know what our customers want? How well do we know what our suppliers and employees expect? What would it take to meet those needs better than our competitors could?
In short, I’d begun to think in a way that I’d now call “strategic.” Up until that point, most of my focus had been on saving the company from ruin, which had led largely to “operational” thinking — worrying about the proper staffing numbers, the ratio of overhead costs to direct costs, the prices we were paying for supplies, how machinery was utilized in the plant, the overstocking and obsolescence of products used in manufacturing, the cash flow for the business, that sort of thing.
It was after I left that job and started working as a consultant that the penny finally dropped: I realized I’d been looking at the business from the inside out. From that perspective, all I could see was the activity that consumed my day. I also realized that customers and other stakeholders have the opposite perspective. Their view is outside-in, and that’s what makes them good strategists."
Ainda ontem vivi isto. No final do mês vou realizar este webinar "Free webinar – How to perform an ISO 9001:2015 internal audit". Então, fui buscar os comentários feitos pelos participantes no final do último realizado em Setembro ou Outubro, e olhei para as respostas à pergunta "What could be improved?"

Queremos dar o nosso melhor, queremos transmitir muita coisa, queremos ser completos... e os participantes querem: exemplos, mais exemplos.
- Temos muitos outros sítios onde podemos ir buscar teoria que podemos consultar com muito mais tempo. No teu curto tempo, dá-nos mais exemplos, mostra-nos como se faz.

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