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"companies should design a product around a price"

“We are asked again and again what the most important aspect of price management is. We always give the same answer: “value-to-customer. ” The price a customer is willing to pay, and thus the price the seller can achieve, is always a reflection of the customer’s perceived value of the product or service. If customers place a higher value on the product, then they are prepared to pay more. If the perceived value is lower than that of a competing product, they will only buy the product if the price is also lower (relative to the competitive product).
As a guideline for addressing price problems, this view suggests that we should start by looking at value through the eyes of the customer, giving rise to three important tasks for the supplier or seller:
Create value : Innovation, product quality, the standards and nature of a product’s materials and components, design, etc., all contribute to value creation. The choice of customer segments also influences value creation, because customers have different requirements and different perceptions.
Communicate value : Statements about the product, its position, and last but not least about its brand all communicate value. Value communication includes packaging, product presentation, and placement at shelf or online.
Retain value : The degree to which a product retains its value will influence first-time willingness to pay for consumer durables. For luxury goods and automobiles, value retention—resale value—can even constitute a deciding factor for initial willingness to pay.
Only when a seller has clarity on the value of the product or service can the seller approach the specifics of price setting.
companies should design a product around a price. In other words, they should start with the price range and then begin with research and development, designing a product with the appropriate features and quality for that price range.”

Trecho retirado de “Price Management” de Hermann Simon

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