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"Brands must focus on what makes their customers alike"

"Brand managers are under intense pressure to personalize their marketing efforts. McKinsey calls data activation and personalization the heartbeat of modern marketing.
But there’s a big danger to personalization as well. When done right, it can give managers unprecedented access to buyers at the right places and times. But done wrong, it can do long-term damage to any business. It can even destroy a brand.
Brands must focus on what makes their customers alike — not on what makes them different."
Um tema a merecer reflexão.

Por um lado, Mongo a entranhar-se e a criar mais tribos. Por outro lado, a McKinsey trabalha para empresas grandes. Também recordo:
“Using data from 200 US companies, the authors identified a trade-off between the pursuit of higher market share and higher customer satisfaction, which itself is seen as an important driver of long-term profitability. The authors explain this through the heterogeneity of consumer preferences: the larger a company becomes, the harder it is for the company to meet consumer preferences.”
Prefiro pensar que as marcas devem usar o seu ADN e assumi-lo, como critério para escolher os seus clientes e encontrar o meio-termo

Trechos retirados de "Don’t Let Marketing Personalization Kill Your Brand"

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