segunda-feira, janeiro 07, 2019

"The demographic trap is going to snap shut"

Aqui no blogue já tenho falado várias vezes sobre o emprego e a demografia:

"For Germany’s Mittelstand of small and medium sized companies, skill shortages have increased to the point that some managers are discreetly hoping for an economic slowdown to relieve the strains.
Small and medium sized companies across the country, commonly referred to as the Mittelstand, have therefore started to look for creative solutions to deal with skill shortages as it is increasingly threatening the economic performance of these groups.
Indeed, 60 per cent of German companies regard skill shortages as a threat to their economic performance, compared with just 16 per cent eight years ago, according to a survey of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
The demographic trap is going to snap shut,” said Markus Dörle, the head of human resources at Stihl Group, the world’s leading maker of chainsaws."

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