sexta-feira, janeiro 04, 2019

" The goal isn’t winning; it’s being part of the group"

Nas minhas caminhadas da manhã uma das companhias das últimas semanas tem sido Seth Godin. É um prazer ler Seth Godin em “This Is Marketing”! Um verdadeiro missionário de Mongo: o Estranhistão!
“One can gain status without an oil well or a factory. And one can enjoy as much status by letting someone into the flow of traffic as they can from cutting him off.
This is the status that comes from the community.[Moi ici: Pertencer a uma tribo!] It is the status of respect in return for contribution, for caring, for seeing and being in sync with others. Especially others with no ability to repay you.
Modern society, urban society, the society of the internet, the arts, and innovation are all built primarily on affiliation, not dominion.
This type of status is not “I’m better.” It’s “I’m connected. I’m family.” And in an economy based on connection, not manufacturing, being a trusted member of the family is priceless.
What are they showing? What is everyone else doing? Is this the season?
Within competitive markets, there is a race to be the dominant voice, but among the customers that make up that market, the position of leader works because the customers desire to be affiliated with one another.
The leader provides a valuable signal, a notice to expect that everyone else will be in sync. The goal isn’t winning; it’s being part of the group.”

Excerto de: Seth Godin. “This Is Marketing”. Apple Books.

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