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"choose your future" (parte II)

Parte I.

Continuando a leitura de “This Is Marketing” de Seth Godin.
find a corner of the market that can’t wait for your attention. Go to their extremes. Find a position on the map where you, and you alone, are the perfect answer. Overwhelm this group’s wants and dreams and desires with your care, your attention, and your focus. Make change happen. Change that’s so profound, people can’t help but talk about it.
The goal of the smallest viable audience is to find people who will understand you and will fall in love with where you hope to take them.
Loving you is a way of expressing themselves. Becoming part of your movement is an expression of who they are.
That love leads to traction, to engagement, and to evangelism. That love becomes part of their identity, a chance to do something that feels right. To express themselves through their contributions, their actions, and the badge they wear.
You can’t hope that everyone will feel this way, but you can do your work for the people who do.
"It’s not for you”[Moi ici: Como não recordar esta lição de Agosto de 2008 "the most important orders are the ones to which a company says 'no'"
We’re not supposed to say that. We’re certainly not supposed to want to say that.
But we must.
“It’s not for you” shows the ability to respect someone enough that you’re not going to waste their time, pander to them, or insist that they change their beliefs. It shows respect for those you seek to serve, to say to them, “I made this for you. Not for the other folks, but for you.”
Two sides of the same coin.
Because it doesn’t matter what people you’re not seeking to serve think. What matters is whether you’ve changed the people who trust you, the people who have connected with you, the people you seek to serve.
My product is for people who believe _________________.
I will focus on people who want _________________.
I promise that engaging with what I make will help you get _________________.”

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