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Lidamos com mitos e mais mitos, e ainda mais mitos. Enganamo-nos uns aos outros deliberadamente ou não.

O chato, o muito chato, são aqueles poucos, de entre nós, que foram amaldiçoados com o castigo supremo... ter memória!
"The Social Impact
None of this is to say that the effects of technology and globalization hasn’t been real. While it’s fine to speak analytically about value shifting here and there, if a task that you spent years to learn to do well becomes devalued, you take it hard. Economists have also found evidence that disruptions in the job market have contributed to political polarization.
The most obvious thing to do is retrain workers that have been displaced, but it turns out that’s not so simple. In Janesville, a book which chronicles a small town’s struggle to recover from the closing of a GM plant, author Amy Goldstein found that the workers that sought retraining actually did worse than those that didn’t.
When someone loses their job, they don’t need training. [Moi ici: Recordar "The Predator State" e a caridadezinha ] They need another job and removing yourself from the job market to take training courses can have serious costs. Work relationships begin to decay and there is no guarantee that the new skills you learn will be in any more demand than the old ones you already had.
In fact, Peter Capelli at the Wharton School argues that the entire notion of a skills gap in America is largely a myth. One reason that there is such a mismatch between the rhetoric about skills and the data is that the most effective training often comes on the job from an employer. [Moi ici: Outro tiro certeiro. Recordar "a formação mais importante que as empresas devem considerar é a formação interna"It is augmenting skills, not replacing them that creates value.
At the same time, increased complexity in the economy is making collaboration more important, so often the most important skills workers need to learn are soft skills, like writing, listening and being a better team player."

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