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BINGO!! (parte II)

Parte I.

Ainda de "Value Never Actually Disappears, It Just Shifts From One Place To Another" sublinho outro tema clássico aqui no blogue:
"You Can’t Compete With A Robot By Acting Like OneThe future is always hard to predict. While it was easy to see that Amazon posed a real problem for large chain bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Borders, it was much less obvious that small independent bookstores would thrive. In much the same way, few saw that ten years after the launch of the Kindle that paper books would surge amid a decline in e-books.
The one overriding trend over the past 50 years or so is that the future is always more human. In Dan Schawbel’s new book, Back to Human, the author finds that the antidote for our overly automated age is deeper personal relationships. Things like trust, empathy and caring can’t be automated or outsourced.
There are some things a machine will never do. It will never strike out in a little league game, have its heart broken or see its child born. That makes it hard — impossible really — for a machine ever to work effectively with humans as a real person would. The work of humans is increasingly to work with other humans to design work for machines.
That why perhaps the biggest shift in value is from cognitive to social skills. [Moi ici: Engraçado que cada vez mais dou comigo a pensar que um número crescente de artigos em revistas ditas de gestão ocupam o seu espaço com temas que a minha mãe, ou a catequese, ou o pertencer a uma associação, ou o pertencer a um grupo de colegas de rua me ensinaram e que parece que agora estão em falta] The high paying jobs today have less to do with the ability to retain facts or manipulate numbers (we now use a computer for those things), but require more deep collaboration, teamwork and emotional intelligence."
O quanto os gigantes gostariam que o factor humano fosse removido da equação... mas a imperfeição é cool, e a desautomatização está a crescer.

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