quinta-feira, janeiro 03, 2019

"Be aware"

A propósito de "Science4you adiou entrada em bolsa para "ganhar tempo"", pensei logo em "Luxury slipper brand Mahabis enters administration" e neste artigo "The Unending Chasm, and How to Survive It"
Reparem neste ponto:
"As the model goes, until the chasm is crossed, sales must be evangelical, sale cycles are long, and startups struggle with anemic productivity." [Moi ici: No entanto, o que vemos por todo o lado são exemplos de organizações que ainda não atravessaram "the chasm" e, no entanto, promovem as vendas por todos os meios anti-"evangélicos". Procuram subornar potenciais clientes para se embelezarem perante os olhos de potenciais investidores/compradores]
E pensem em como associo Mongo a tribos aguerridas e não a blockbusters:
"in widespread practice, crossing-the-chasm almost never plays out. Worse, it gives countless startup founders the sense that it is merely a matter of time and waiting (“we’re just crossing the chasm now”) while in reality struggling to go to market for years. Moreover, given how fast technology is changing, more startups are spending more time in the chasm… and they may never exit. And guess what? That’s ok." 
Por fim:
"So the goal of this post is to help you focus your moves, by first dispelling the myth that all successful companies cross the chasm before having meaningful outcomes. The other subtext of this post is to put a premium on survival. Seems obvious, but it’s not: The winner is often the one that simply makes it through, by being the best at weathering the transitions and anemic periods. When the opportunity to capture the market exists, step on the gas… but also be aware of the situations outlined above and adjust your assumptions — and therefore moves — accordingly."

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