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Foco, foco, foco

Um excelente artigo:
"The consumer banking industry is notoriously difficult to enter, not least because most customers rarely switch banks. In some countries, people change spouses more often than they change banks.
The banking industry in South Africa was no exception; for decades the industry was dominated by “the Big Four” (Standard, FNB, Nedbank, and Absa). However, in 2000 a new player entered the industry, called Capitec, which started establishing branches rapidly. By 2007 it broke through the barrier of 1 million active customers; 10 years later it had more than 10 million clients and about 800 branches. It has now become the largest bank in the country."
Qual foi o truque?
"“Our strength has always been our focus.” Indeed, Capitec is more focused, in terms of what it does and does not do, than most companies and certainly most banks. It serves individuals only, not companies or trusts. It offers them a single account: Everybody gets a gold card with exactly the same conditions, prices, and services. A customer can do three things with this account: saving, loans, and transactions — and nothing else. The bank serves these customers through a network of highly efficient physical branches. It has always held on to this model and never wavered.
Companies, and certainly new entrants looking for growth, often find it difficult to resist jumping onto various new sources of revenue. That’s understandable, because if you are looking for growth, any piece of additional revenue seems welcome. Moreover, in advance, you can never be entirely sure that your original market choices will play out and will generate sufficient income by themselves. Hence, when a new potential stream of revenue presents itself, the company’s management feels it cannot afford to just leave it.
The result of this is, however, that a company ends up doing a variety of things that each might make sense on an individual basis but in combination create costly complexity — not adding up to something that is bigger than the sum of the parts."
Trechos retirados de "How Capitec Became South Africa’s Biggest Bank"

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