quarta-feira, agosto 01, 2018

"effectiveness is more important than efficiency"

Um clássico deste blogue, a diferença entre eficácia e eficiência:
"effectiveness is more important than efficiency.
There is a difference between being efficient and being effective. Efficiency is doing things with faster, with greater ease, and with less effort. Effectiveness is about producing an outcome.
The Pareto principle, which seems to be some law of nature, shows that around 80 percent of your results come from around 20 percent of your actions. About 80 percent of your revenue likely comes from approximately 20 percent of your clients, plus or minus.
This being true, it would make sense that effectiveness be the goal in the 20 percent of activities responsible for creating 80 percent of your results. Efficiency might be a better goal for the 80 percent of things that don’t move the needle."[Moi ici: Recuar a 2006 e recordar que o contrário de insatisfação pode não ser satisfação, e a diferença entre processos contexto e processos críticos - 2007]
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