quarta-feira, julho 04, 2018

O Brexit e as suas marcas

O Rui Moreira chamou-me a atenção para este texto "Brexit deal or no deal, protect your trademarks now".

Se calhar isto não passa de um engodo para levar as empresas a registar as marcas no Reino Unido, ou não.
"If no deal is reached, then from 30 March 2019 brand owners will no longer have protection in the UK. This will leave them vulnerable to third parties or trademark trolls – or both – that apply to register UK marks for brands. They will have to rely on earlier use in the UK to prevent the “trademark trolls” succeeding with their applications for registration. Proving an unregistered right is much harder than relying on a registered right."
Veja no caso da sua empresa se há alguma coisa a considerar, ou não.

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