quinta-feira, junho 07, 2018

Influenciadores para nichos ou de nichos

Sabem como há muitos anos trabalho o conceito de ecossistema, de influenciador e de como não acredito no the-winner-take-all mesmo nas redes sociais (Mongo é diversidade, proximidade, autenticidade e paixão).

Assim, apreciei ler "A Guide to Working With Niche Influencers":
"Instead, it’s the fact that, despite only clocking roughly 155,000 Instagram followers, her engagement is almost twice that of the average fashion “influencer”, according to data analytics firm Tribe Dynamics. In 2017 so far, she has garnered 1.6 million likes on 258 fashion-related posts.
Blutstein’s success represents the rise of a different kind of influencer, one who may not ever reach the followership of the major players — many of whom are now full-fledged celebrities — but who brings an aura of authenticity to the brand projects she takes on. Call them micro-influencers, niche-influencers, alterna-influencers, what-have-you, these Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat stars typically have well under 200,000 followers, and sometimes no more than 10,000.
In an analysis of the accounts of 15 emerging-name fashion influencers — all with fewer than 300,000 followers, and most with fewer than 200,000 — Tribe Dynamics found that engagement rates were, on average, four times that of the average influencer in its database. When comparing upper-tier influencers (over 300,000 followers) with lower tier influencers (under 300,000 followers), the lower tier influencers fashion influencers have 86 percent higher engagement rates on Instagram.
In an ironic turn of events, it seems that alterna-influencers are usurping advertising and marketing dollars from well-known superstar bloggers in the way those bloggers once usurped print magazines.
There are influencers whose job is to advertise on Instagram. There are others who use social media to communicate. It’s two very distinct things."

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