segunda-feira, maio 28, 2018

Ainda o Evangelho do Valor!

Recordar "Pregarás o Evangelho do Valor" e "Pregarás o Evangelho do Valor - sempre". Depois:
"When QPM decided to raise pricing by 8 percent across the board, they didn't just increase profit by 8 percent, but rather by over 20 percent. How is this possible? Just like Amazon, the lion's share of the price increase dropped to QPM's operating profit margin.
If your sales team relies on discounts fifty percent of the time in order to close a sale, and the average discount is 5 percent, then ending this practice is the financial equivalent of a 2.5 percent price increase. If your business operates at a 30 percent operating profit margin, this 2.5 percent price increase means an immediate lift to your bottom line profit of 8.3 percent."
Trechos retirados de "Amazon Just Did Something Brilliant to Increase Its Profits (And Why You Should Copy It)"

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