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Acerca de valor para o cliente (parte III)

Parte I e parte II.

"Context-specific facet.
Following the notion of multiple relationships, the literature acknowledges the important role of the customer’s external and social context in the assessment of CV [Customer Value]. In doing so, the idea of the customer, just like the company, being embedded in a system of other actors is expressed. In this complex system, the customer acts as a resource integrator, simultaneously combining various resources for value creation. This implies that the customer uses his/her own resources (i.e., knowledge and skills) and the resources of other actors. Hence, CV is dependent on a network of competences and resources.
Value has a collective and intersubjective dimension and should be understood as value-in-social- context” and “[...] the way in which resources are assessed depends on the social context”. It can be concluded that research efforts begin to adapt a more differentiated point of view, which includes the social context as an important variable for the determination of value.
The C-D logic argues in a similar manner, stating that the dyadic approach that was historically used is not enough to display the complex construct of CV. Hence, this logic also highlights that the customer is socially-embedded, interacting with other groups, such as other customers. Compared to the S-D logic, the C-D logic more strongly emphasizes the customer’s point of view. An even higher focus is laid on the customer, and thus, on his/ her speci c context."

Trechos retirados de "Reframing customer value from a dominant logics perspective" de Tobias Schlager e Peter Maas e publicado por International Journal of Marketing (2012) 51:101–113

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