sexta-feira, março 09, 2018

"get the customer to appreciate a bigger picture"

Um conjunto de bons conselhos sobre value-based pricing em, "The 4 Basic Value Selling Skills And How To Teach Them":
"Customers who define narrow, specific needs tend to focus primarily on price because there are often a number of competitors who can meet those needs … so they will treat your offering as a commodity. Your reps have to know how to get the customer to appreciate a bigger picture:[Moi ici: Recordar "resourceness is not an intrinsic characteristic of a resource, but is a socially constructed and institutionalized phenomenon"] the bigger the perceived need, the more urgency the customers will have to buy and the more they will focus on value-drivers, not just price.
Customers go through predictable steps when making a buying decision. To sell value, the rep must be able to understand and support that process. What are the steps? What are decision makers typically involved? What role does each type of decision maker play in the process? At what points in the process does each decision maker get involved? And, most importantly, how can the rep make contact with each of these decision makers?
Value-based selling only occurs when the customer is looking at factors other than price. That means your reps have to become adept at knowing what specific features of your offerings represent strong positive differentiators. On the flipside, they also need to know differentiators where your competitors have the advantage. They must know how to emphasize the former and downplay or counteract the latter."

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