terça-feira, fevereiro 20, 2018

Speed is not everything

"Grit, once again, was the key factor driving long-term success.
The reason is not difficult to see: if we drop out when we encounter problems, progress is prevented, no matter how talented we are. If we interpret difficulties as indictments of who we are, rather than as pathways to progress, we will run a mile from failure. Grit, then, is strongly related to the Growth Mindset; it is about the way we conceptualize success and failure. One of the problems in our culture is that success is positioned as something that happens quickly. Reality television, for example, suggests or leads us to believe that success can happen in the time it takes to impress a whimsical judge or audience. It is about overnight stardom and instant gratification. This is one of the reasons why such programs are so popular with audiences. But success in the real world rarely happens in this way."
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"Now think about the Growth Mindset: it is about being able to see failure in a clear-eyed way; not as an indictment of one’s judgment, but as a learning opportunity."
Trechos retirados de  "Black Box" de Matthew Syed 

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