sexta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2018

Quem manda no calendário? (parte III)

Parte I e parte II.

Esta parte final do artigo "Where is Your Strategic, Finite Target Account List?":
"I know for a fact that the message of strategically targeting GROWABLE customers  is actually like a bucket of cold water over the head for some sellers. Too many salespeople are operating on auto-pilot, doing a milk-run, cruising their territories and account lists while giving little or zero thought to which existing accounts are worthy of their time and attention. Friends, let this be one more reminder that, in sales, we are not paid to do work. Our job is not to cover the territory, or manage accounts – regardless of what silly title someone may have put on our business cards. Our job is to GROW REVENUE. And the best way to do that is to proactively, intentionally, and strategically over-invest time and focus working Growable Accounts and and Ideal Profile Prospects.
Can I encourage you to disengage the auto-pilot and engage your brain and that of your manager to invest the appropriate energy determining which of your existing accounts, if pursued with abandon, deserve more of your time and focus?"
Isto tem combustível suficiente para deflagrar n discussões acaloradas. Aquele "doing milk-run" é muito bom como metáfora

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