terça-feira, fevereiro 27, 2018

Os elementos da pirâmide de valor no B2B (parte I)

Algo a não tragar acriticamente, mas a considerar:
"The most objective kinds of value are found at the base, and the higher a level is, the more subjective and personal the types of value it contains.
At the base of the pyramid are the table stakes: meeting specifications at an acceptable price in compliance with regulations while abiding by ethical standards. Above the table stakes are functional elements, which address companies’ economic or product performance needs, such as cost reduction and scalability. Delivering on those has long been a priority in old-line industries such as manufacturing. As both buyers and sellers, B2B companies still focus most of their energy on functional elements."
Aos "table stakes" chamei ontem numa empresa o bilhete para entrar no campo e poder jogar.

Imagem e trechos retirados de "The B2B Elements of Value"


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