quinta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2018

O que falta é a faísca

Isto é tão bom:
"Every company is interested in why people buy their products, but rewind time a bit further and you’ll find even more fundamental insights.
Before someone goes buying, there’s a reason they go shopping.
There are usually a few events that lead to the desire — or demand — to shop. Something happens that trips the initial thought. There’s a spark. This is often when passive looking begins. You aren’t feeling the internal pressure to buy yet, but you’re starting to get curious. Then a second event happens. It could be soon after the first, or months later, but this one’s more serious. It lights a fire. You need to make progress. Now you’re actively shopping.
it turns out there were four common situations that triggered people
#1 “We can’t keep working like this.”
#2 “We can’t mess up like that again.”
#3 “This project isn’t getting off the ground.”
#4 “How am I going to pull this off?”"
As personas podem ser úteis para desenhar o produto para um tipo de cliente:

  • Botas de caça para caçador de patos e narcejas;
  • Botas de caça para caçador de espera.
O que falta é a faísca. Por que é que alguém há-de comprar umas botas novas? Por que é que alguém há-de pensar em mudar de marca? Por que é que alguém há-de sentir que precisa de progredir?

Trechos retirados de "The Why before the Why"

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