domingo, fevereiro 18, 2018

Escrever uma estratégia

"let’s define strategy, because strategy means different things to different people. My preferred strategy definition is the one I learned personally from Roger Martin, as contained in his book, Playing To Win:
“Strategy is an integrated cascade of choices that uniquely positions a player in its market to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition.”
The “integrated cascade of choices” centers on five key questions, the answers to which provide the very focus Johan Ozo advised:
What is our winning aspiration?
Where will we play?
How will we win?
What capabilities do we need?
What management systems must we have?
Making and acting on these choices produces winners. Why? Because clear, tough choices force your hand, confine you to a path, but free you to focus on what matters most: winning.
To state your strategy in a sentence, though, you really just need the first three parts: winning aspiration, where to play, and how to win. This simple madlib-type plug-n-play is basically a tailored, more specific version of this construct:
We want to [what to win] in [where to play] by [how to win]....
Your winning aspiration needs to spell out a clear win. It needs to be future-oriented, ambitious, specific (thus measurable), contain a competitive element,
Your where-to-play needs some element of segmentation. The usual suspects include industry, market, geography, customer, channel, product/service, and stage of production. The key, though, is to focus only on the spaces you can dominate. (A better question might be: where will we win?)
Your how-to-win needs to capture your unique value proposition and defensible advantage, which briefly outlines why you’re a better choice over rivals. The only way to win is to consistently offer a better value equation than other alternatives, even if that value equation is a matter of perception."

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