domingo, fevereiro 25, 2018

E na sua empresa?

Esta descrição é tremenda:
"1.  The sales team was not focused on a finite strategic list of target accounts (including both growable existing customers and ideal profile prospects) that they were absolutely committed to proactively pursuing.
2.  Their messaging (“sales story”) was focused much more on their products and services rather than the issues they addressed for customers (problems solved, pains removed, opportunities captured, improved results)…the outcomes they achieved.
3.  The salespeople spent a pathetically low percentage of their time actually selling compared to the amount of time they were either babysitting/over-servicing accounts, putting out fires, or doing administrative and internal corporate work."
Os pontos 1 e 2 são muito comuns aqui no blogue. Falta de focalização e mais concentração nos outputs que se produzem do que nos inputs que os clientes precisam para transformar a sua vida.

Trecho retirado de "3 Very Different Companies with 3 Very Similar Sales Challenges"

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