segunda-feira, janeiro 22, 2018

Mais do que uma treta (parte III)

Antes de mais recordar "Mais do que uma treta (parte II)" o radar para:
"o que não sabemos que não sabemos"
Depois,  considerar:
"So how can we prepare for the future? Growth and transformation invariably require new capabilities for the business, teams, and individuals. We all have to do things we’re not good at. Relying on routines, not strengths, is the surest way to build readiness for growth. Routines make it easier to execute today’s business while preparing for the future.
What do I mean by a routine? A routine is a pattern of activity regularly followed. Routines and processes are not the same thing.
Processes are sequenced activities that convert inputs into more valuable outputs. ... Routines also are patterns of activity, but they don’t drive a standard outcome or try to reduce cycle time or variability. A routine can be super simple, like starting the day by talking with your colleagues rather than opening your e-mail. This routine sparks new ideas, builds friendship, and can energize you. When you have a routine like this in place, it slowly changes how you interact with others. As you change how you interact with others, the conversations change you. Routines also can be great for teams."
Como é que se descobrem coisas que não sabemos que não sabemos? Instituindo rotinas que funcionam como um radar que capta sinais que têm de ser analisados e interpretados.

Trechos retirados de "Pacing for Growth: Why Intelligent Restraint Drives Long-term Success" de  Alison Eyring.

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