segunda-feira, dezembro 18, 2017

In culpa non est digital

"The US retail world is particularly challenged, given the vast overbuilding of stores and shopping malls in recent decades.
more shopping is done online, recently crossing the 10 per cent mark, and how department stores have suffered a particularly steep decline in their share of overall US commerce.
It is important to note that retail as an industry is not going away, just being reshaped. Many traditional players are adapting to the new digital realities, and are beginning to reap the benefits from investments in their online operations."
A culpa não é dos vendedores digitais.

A culpa desta evolução é de quem está mais preocupado com o escoamento do que com o job-to-be-done.

Gráficos e trechos retirados de "Charting the US retail revolution"

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