segunda-feira, novembro 20, 2017

Transformar é possível (parte II)

Parte I.

Primeiro, formular uma estratégia:
"Build the strategy.
Are you very clear about how you add value to customers in a way that others don’t, and about the specific capabilities that enable you to excel at that value proposition?.
As strategies are being developed, are you using the classic approach of “build the strategy, then think about execution,” or are you asking yourself the question, “Do you have the capabilities needed—or can you build the capabilities needed—to execute the strategy?
As you’re dealing with disruption, are you shaping the world around you with your given strengths, or are you waiting for change to happen, and therefore playing by someone else’s rules?"
Aquele trecho é fundamental, "Are you very clear"?

Quantas empresas conseguem responder que sim?

Qual o impacte da falta de clareza?

Trecho retirado de "How to Excel at Both Strategy and Execution" 

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