sábado, setembro 16, 2017

Acerca do valor

"consider value creation as synchronic and interactive, not linear and transitive. Customers in this alternative view create value, they do not destroy it. Value is not simply ‘added,’ but is mutually ‘created’ and ‘re-created’ among actors with different values. These multiple values are ‘reconciled’ or ‘combined’ in co-producing value and, as we shall see below, cannot be reduced to a single metric.
Empirical research shows that how an elicitor poses the problem affects the values which judgements appear to express. Values are thus contingent, more than subjective. They do not reside ‘in’ an individual, independent of his actual actions, nor ‘in’ a good, independent of the interactions to which it is subjected."
E pensar nos que querem automatizar contactos, que querem bots, que querem relações eficientes...

Trechos retirados de "Value Co-production: Intelectual Origins and Implications for Practice and Research" de Rafael Ramirez, publicado por Strategic Management Journal, 20: 49–65 (1999)

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