sábado, agosto 12, 2017


Desde 2004 que namoro e uso o conceito de ecossistema. Por isso, apreciei de sobremaneira este texto, "Let’s Abandon Customers and Users":
"talking generically about customers or users can be exasperating. Especially in B2C or B2B2C markets where our tech is part of a long value chain: perhaps our software helps some employee collect data to tune a service that improves delivery of some consumer product…
Creating real-world value is a multi-step process involving many players. And it’s exhausting prefacing every conversation by (re)defining terms: “for this user story, the customer is the sys admin who configures our CAD software, not the architect sketching out buildings. See personas 4 and 7.”  Wasted energy. So let’s abandon the words ‘customer’ and ‘user’ entirely, and be more explicit about who/what we mean."
Por exemplo:
"If we’re building analytics software for brick-and-mortar retail chains, then we sell to retailers who have shoppers or consumers who visit those retailers’ locations or branches. Talking about the generic ‘customer’ generates unnecessary confusion among Sarah Sue Shoe Shopper; her sales associate in Nordstrom’s downtown Toronto shoe department; Nordstrom’s Seattle-based merchandise analyst tracking shoe fashion trends; and the Marketing VP invited to our Customer Advisory Board. Let’s say sales associate when we mean sales associate." 

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