domingo, julho 02, 2017

A força da testosterona é demolidora... (parte II)

Na parte I o Azrael recomendou-me a leitura de "How Volvo Lost The Plot":
"You see, that scrappy car company was doing so well that in 1999 it caught the eye of Ford, who was creating the Premier Automotive Group, simply called, inelegantly, PAG.
PAG was an umbrella corporation that included Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Lincoln and, as of 2000, Volvo. It was all run by a guy whose name sounded like European royalty: Wolfgang Rietzle. Then CEO of Ford, Jacques Nasser, wanted Volvo so badly, he paid $6 billion with Ford family money for it.
In 2001, people I had known for years were gone and replaced with Ford people, and they saw Volvo as part of the collective PAG group, which I deemed to be lacking some soul. That soul was replaced with chaos that I experiences personally.
Between then and 2009, Volvo introduced the XC90, XC60, C30, S40, XC70 and much more. Yet Ford, and the marketing people it hired, felt that safety was really of no interest as a talking point. All those people who had been trained to buy a Volvo were thrown under the bus. A new direction was taken."
"Geely paid $1.3 billion and the sale was completed in 2010. That’s a loss of $4.7 billion to Ford."
"Volvo’s saga over the past 30 years has seen billions of dollars invested or lost. Ford killed what Volvo stood and the brand has yet to recapture its original focus, despite the tinkering of too many people to count." 

Como não voltar à biologia e recordar os anfíbios e as noites de temporal que convidam à exuberância das vacas gordas.

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