segunda-feira, junho 19, 2017

"we cannot say any single strategy in the Prisioner’s Dilemma ecology was a winner"

"the landscape of manufacturing changes continually; there is no 'end of history' in the sense of the relative powers of each country locking in a position and staying there for decades and centuries to come. Any forecast that manufacturing in any given country is dead and buried should be treated with suspicion, as each change in technology, costs and demographics alters the landscape that manufacturers face as they make their decisions. It may be very difficult to restart making in a country, but it is not impossible."

Como não recordar as experiências de Lindgren que Eric Beinhocker no seu "The Origin of Wealth" me deu a conhecer:
"Likewise, we cannot say any single strategy in the Prisioner’s Dilemma ecology was a winner. .
Lindgren’s model showed that once in a whilea particular strategy would rise up, dominate the game for a while, have its day in the sun, and then inevitably be brought down by some innovative competitor. Sometimes, several strategies shared the limelight, battling for “market share” control of the game board, and then an outsider would come in and bring them all down. During other periods, two strategies working as a symbiotic pair would rise up together – but then if one got into trouble, both collapsed.”

“We discovered that there is no one best strategy; rather, the evolutionary process creates an ecosystem of strategies – an ecosystem that changes over time in Schumpeterian gales of creative destruction.”

Trecho inicial retirado de "From global to local" de Finbarr Livesey

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