domingo, junho 18, 2017

COAR-map e mapas da estratégia (parte VII)

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"The Strategy Execution Map provided a blueprint for the organization to think through the execution issues and key activities inherent in defining and administering sales compensation plans.
It provided clarity by:
Crisply defining 'success' from the customer viewpoint. This made it easier for the organization to examine funding decisions by evaluating a project request against core objectives.
Showing the line of sight from a capability to an outcome.
This provided an unprecedented basis for understanding the intent of the program and gaining commitment to a shared purpose. Every individual could now see exactly how their efforts were contributing to meeting customer and stakeholder outcomes
The Strategy Execution Map provided focus by:

  • Highlighting the need to develop options that achieve outcomes 
  • Requiring the organization to collaborate in selecting options that met customer and stakeholder outcomes
  • Stack rank and eliminate options that did not help in meeting customer and stakeholder outcomes or which were otherwise suboptimal

Once the options were narrowed down to those that should be implemented, the organization could then focus on the chosen opens. Additionally, the Strategy Execution Map eliminated the churn caused by incomplete understanding of why a decision was made and not understanding why certain options were eliminated."
Sem tirar nem pôr, é isto que gosto num mapa da estratégia: uma ligação directa entre o que fazer e os outcomes. É impressionante como em tantas e tantas empresas o que conta é actividade, quantidade de trabalho, movimento, ... se gera outcomes estratégicos? Isso é muita areia para a camioneta.

Trechos retirados de "Importance of Strategy Execution in Influencing Sales Behavior"

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