quarta-feira, junho 07, 2017

Acerca do reshoring

Uma tendência que adivinhámos aqui há muitos anos: reshoring.

Fonte "US and Italy take lead in repatriating manufacturing":
"Above all, firms are reshoring production centres that had been outsourced to China. European companies are also returning from the Far East,
Reasons for returning
The cost of labour – frequently the only criterion taken into account when offshoring production – is also on the rise in countries far away from the parent company, increasing by up to 15% a year in China, for example. Savings on labour are no longer offsetting higher logistics and customs costs.
At the same time, consumers are more demanding. Closer proximity to production facilities allows greater quality control, better links between R&D and production divisions, faster delivery times, prompt customer support and an increasingly important factor – flaunting the “Made in...” label." [Moi ici: O poder da interacção, a vantagem competitiva dos humanos]
Fonte "Reshoring Exceeded Offshoring in 2016":
"a variety of issues affecting reshoring. Here are some highlights:
• Proximity to customers was the leading factor in 2016, followed by government incentives, skilled workforce availability and ecosystem synergies."

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